Wembley Downs Primary School

Non Compulsory Schooling

Applications for all Government Schools for Kindergarten can be made the year prior to their eligibility and applications usually close at the end of July. Applications received after the closing date may be placed on a waiting list.

Compulsory School

Pre-Primary – Year 6: applications can be made the year prior to your request for attendance or at any time if you are residing in the intake area. All students of compulsory schooling age residing in the intake area will be accepted, unless restricted by some visa conditions.

Application Form

An Application for Enrolment Form can be downloaded below. For more information on enrolling your child, please contact our school administration between 8am and 4pm.

Contact Details

Wembley Downs Primary School
39 Bournemouth Crescent
WA 6019

Phone: (08) 9245 3199
Fax: (08) 9245 3039
Email: wembleydowns.ps@education.wa.edu.au

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