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Wembley Downs Primary School

The Wembley Downs Primary School (WDPS) Parents Committee is an active group of parents who are passionate about playing a supportive role in their child’s schooling life. Through parent and community involvement, the committee organises events to raise funds that help support the students, administration and teachers of the school.

The Parents’ Committee represents all parents of current students and provides a forum for parents to be involved in many aspects of the school Canteen, Fundraising, Safety House and Uniform Shop sub-committees provide further avenues for parent involvement.

The Parents Committee funds the following ongoing school based programmes:

  • Mathletics – the web based internet programme can be accessed on-line by students at home and school.
  • Computer lease for 30 computers.
  • Artist in Residence programme.

In addition to providing fundraising support to school based projects, the Parents’ Committee aims to build a strong and vibrant school community through social events and guest speakers.

All parents are welcome to come along to Parent Committee meetings, which are held monthly during the school terms in the staff room.


2018 P&C Executive and Committees

President Rachel Wenham
Vice-President Matt Turnbull
Secretary Caroline Burton
Treasurer Alice Mrazek-Scriven
Executive Committee Rachel Clegg
Selina Lyon
Tina Van Maanen
School Board Rep  ……
Uniform Committee Tanya Hart (Manager)
Laura Mackintosh (Treasurer)
Jen Staniforth-Smith
Clare Sigrist
Canteen Committee Roxanne Pappas (Convenor)
Alice Mrazek-Scriven (Treasurer)
Ciskia Sie (Manager)
Deanne Quartermaine
 Fundraising Committee Katie Turner
School Environment Sub Committee

Grants & Community

David Thew

Darcy Bosch

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